Saturday, March 26, 2011

Something's Missing...

If you checked my blog this morning, you would have seen 88 posts. But now, including this one, there are only 58. So where have the other 30 posts gone? No, I haven't deleted them. They've been moved to an exciting new blog.

Isa and I were talking the other night, and she reminded me what this blog was originally set up for: to tell the stories behind the pictures I take and put up on If you've read any of my posts in the past year or so, you'll know that I've strayed, posting about everything from Hannah Montana to Wicked the Musical.

In my last post, you learned that together, my wife and I are "Brisa." We decided to create a new blog about our life, called Everything Brisa. On it, we'll post about everything we like: food, travel, touristy things we do in New York, and random things that happen in our lives. I've moved all the posts about us from this blog to that one, comments and all. (Cool that you can do that, huh?)

Stay tuned to this blog, since I'll be updating at least once a week with back-dated travel blog posts with pictures that I never put up, like from my 2-week trip with friends through Italy, a 10-day solo trip through London and the Netherlands, and quite possibly some really old ones from Angkor Wat and my month-long trip through Cambodia and Bangkok, Thailand. Older blogs should still come up in your feed or on Google Reader. Let me know if you don't see them and I'll just post them with today's date instead of back-dating them.