Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Stuff!!


I added two new pictures to the Aruba slide show, including one of my new all-time favorite pictures. It's a sunset picture taken at Moomba Beach. Besides the colors being incredibly vibrant, I love the couple holding hands on the bottom left of the picture (you have to really look for them, it's subtle, but fantastic). I think they make the picture that much more romantic.

Also, I added a new video entitled "Lost Keys". It's a combination of the three part series I posted a few weeks ago. I just made it nicer and added some music (now that I know how to do that). :) So check it out because it's fun. (2011 update: Oof, not my best work. It's amazing how far I've come with editing and video making skills.)

I'm also going to add another video about the abandoned plane I explored today. It was very cool, and I thank Grant and Janae for pointing it out to me (although it sits just 20 feet from a road I travel at least twice a week, I had never seen it in 6 months of driving past it).

And if you haven't seen the Transformers movie yet, go right now. Turn off the computer and go. It's awesome.

Friday, July 13, 2007

YouTube, My Book, Aruba, and Friends

Hey, I've been busy. Here are some reasons why I haven't blogged in sooo long:

I've been making lots of cool videos. If you haven't checked it out recently, go over and check out my youtube account ( and watch all the latest videos, especially this one (Aruba Hi-Winds 2007) because I'm so proud of it.

I'm writing my book. Remember, I want to finish it (if not completely then at least the majority of it) before I leave Aruba. If you have no idea what book I'm talking about, email me at and ask me about it.

I only have 6 weeks left in Aruba, so I'm trying to do so much because I know time is running out. :(

Lots of friends have been coming to visit. They know I'm only going to be here a few more weeks so they're all coming now before it gets too late.

But above all, I'm just lazy. :)

Much love, Brian