Wednesday, January 2, 2008

'08 is Great

2007 was a great year (Aruba and my book). It was even better than 2006 (Mexico and PHX). Which definitely beat out '05 (Utah and NYC). Which somehow managed to squeak by my amazing 2004 (Europe). Which was able to top my incredible 2003 (Cambodia/Thailand). And I'd venture to say that that beat my 2000-2002 (the mission). And '99? Graduation and Disneyworld. '98? That's when I got cancer.

It seems that cancer started the most wonderful snowball effect in my life. Every year gets progressively better than the previous. Not that '98 was a low point in my life at all. That was also a great year. It just makes me wonder: how good can it get? I have an idea that I haven't seen anything yet.

'08 is setting up to be (yet again) the best year of my life:

- I got an apartment in the Bronx. How cool is that?
- My book is done. Now I can work on getting it published. I wrote a book. Seriously, that's so cool to say.
- I have a vision for my website. I just have to make it a reality.
- I am LOVING youtube. I love the community and I love making videos and people are actually watching them. :) That makes me happy.
- I'm finally going to be somewhat "stable" (I have the apartment, hopefully I'll actually live there) so I can have an actual relationship. DOWN WITH FLINGS!!

Just thought I'd share. I am really excited about the future.

I hope your '08 is even greater than you imagined.

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Nomad No More said...

2008 is already shaping up to be an incredible year for me! :) I am glad that you are done with flings...