Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Verstovia Beat Me

Happy Tax Day!

So yesterday, my friend and I attempted to hike Mt. Verstovia. It's a beautiful mountain just next to Sitka. The base of the mountain (like all of Sitka) is a rain forest. So it's muggy and it gets rather warm when you hike. But then it cools off as you ascend the hill, and then it starts to snow, and then you're up to your waste in snow and it's an all-out blizzard. My friend stripped down to his shorts at the base and he was too stubborn to put his pants back on when it got COLD. I was in jeans and sneakers, so although I was not completely prepared, I was in better shape than he was. :)

I've never been on a hike where the weather and hiking conditions changed so dramatically in such a short amount of time (our entire time on the mountain from base to "top" back down to the base was about 3 hours). This is also the first hike EVER in my life that I have not completed. We couldn't make it to the top because of the weather conditions, although we came dang close. You can watch the video and decide for yourself if you think we should have proceeded.

My personal favorite part of the hike, aside from the rapid descent in the snow, was my hat. :)


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Bethellibdir said...

Oh, dear. Our poor little Verstovia beat you?

We lived at the base of Verstovia around on the west slope and regularly climbed it . . . in the summer. But, honesty compels us to admit we tried it a couple of Junes ago and ran into the same situation you did. For one of our kids, the snow eventually reached his chest and we turned back.

Under such circumstances, a nice and not terribly challenging hike is out at Starrigavan, doing the estuary/muskeg and Mosquito Cove trail sections together. It is especially nice afterward, for the kids, to build a fire in one of the empty Mosquito Cove picnic sites fire pits and have hot chocolate and hot dogs, both prepared over the open fire.

We miss our Alaska home very much and thank you for the memories resurrected by your video.