Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Ok, I've been on Blogger for years, and I've always felt they should do something like YouTube where you can subscribe to people's blogs so I can be notified when my friends update their blogs or post new things or whatever. It wasn't until today when my new friends Jordan and Chad showed me the little "Follow" button at the top left of the screen. So YAY!! I'm now following everyone I know about that has a blogger and I'll be leaving comments and I'm a happy little blogger right now. :)

If you have a blog on here then leave a comment and I'll follow you too. And here's a little picture of me and Isa, just for fun. :)

I don't know if I'm allowed to post wedding pictures yet, but this is my favorite. Actually it's one of my favorite pictures ever, not just out of the wedding pictures. So props and many thanks to my good friend and very talented Selena Moshell for sticking with us into the cold dark Central Park December night to get this picture. You're the best.


Natalie said...

That is an awesome picture! BTW...we don't have any crayons in the house. Guess again... :) P.S. how did you not know about followers...or google reader???

Brian said...

Google reader?? I must have slept through "Blog" class and went straight to vlogging and facebook. I'm going to look for google reader now. Thanks. :)

Selena said...

aw thanks buddy! Why wouldn't you be allowed to post them yet? Is Isa being strict? hehe. I'm glad you like them though- I had a BLAST shooting you two! =)