Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Stuff!!


I added two new pictures to the Aruba slide show, including one of my new all-time favorite pictures. It's a sunset picture taken at Moomba Beach. Besides the colors being incredibly vibrant, I love the couple holding hands on the bottom left of the picture (you have to really look for them, it's subtle, but fantastic). I think they make the picture that much more romantic.

Also, I added a new video entitled "Lost Keys". It's a combination of the three part series I posted a few weeks ago. I just made it nicer and added some music (now that I know how to do that). :) So check it out because it's fun. (2011 update: Oof, not my best work. It's amazing how far I've come with editing and video making skills.)

I'm also going to add another video about the abandoned plane I explored today. It was very cool, and I thank Grant and Janae for pointing it out to me (although it sits just 20 feet from a road I travel at least twice a week, I had never seen it in 6 months of driving past it).

And if you haven't seen the Transformers movie yet, go right now. Turn off the computer and go. It's awesome.

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Nomad No More said...

You're right, the picture is beautiful!! You are simply amazing... :)