Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I know, it's been a while

So, a few things have happened in the last two months. Here's a list:

1. I'm no longer in Aruba. I finished my contract with Del Sol and I came back to America. I'm currently in Utah, but only for one more week. To see the constantly updated plans, go to In the next two months, I'll be in 5 states and 4 countries.

2. I'm addicted to YouTube. I now have two channels, both of which you can get to from the links at the top of The first ( contains videos I make while out on my adventures. The second ( has all the videos I make while just hanging out with family and friends. This will also have my vlogs whenever I start doing those.

3. I'm no longer using my pc. I bought a mac and I LOVE IT!! It comes in especially handy while making my videos and putting up pictures on the website. Everything is so streamlined... iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, and everything else works together so well it makes editing so easy.

4. PerfectLittlePlanet is now widescreen- and mac-friendly. Woohoo.

5. Lots of new pictures have been posted to the Aruba slideshow.

6. I shrunk all the original photographs used for my slideshows to stop people from downloading them. I'm in the process of changing the site over to a business. The slideshows still look the same, but now if you want a size suitable for your desktop wallpaper or something, you need to email me and ask for one. They're still free for now, but we're heading away from that direction.

7. The book is on the front burner and I'm just about half way done. I'll be in London at the end of October to put the finishing touches on it.

8. I finally got an iPod (it came with the new computer). I've reached a whole new level of happiness that I didn't think possible. Seriously, you guys have no idea how long I've wanted an iPod, but I could never justify spending the money to buy one.

9. Now that I'm back in the states, I don't use MySpace that often. Everyone I know is on Facebook though, so I have an account there and I go on every day or so, but I don't really understand it (all the applications and stuff).

10. I'm currently designing a logo and a theme song for PerfectLittlePlanet. I'm excited about both of those and I'll keep you posted as they progress.

That's all for now. Hope you're all having a wonderful day.

Love, Brian

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