Thursday, October 25, 2007

Euro Trip

Hey everybody. I'm just procrastinating. I'm supposed to be packing for my trip out to Europe (I have to be at the airport in 6 hours) so I decided to update my blog instead.

I'm extremely excited for the trip. I'll be by myself, so if anybody happens to be reading this and you're in the London area some time in the next week, shoot me an email at and we'll go do something.

If you're not in the London area, you can feel like you are every day by watching my daily vlog. I'm planning on making a video every night I'm out there of what I did during that day. If I post it at midnight there, it'll be about 6pm EST, so check it out each evening. The link for that page is (Update: Click here to go to the London playlist)

I'll be back on November 13th, so if you're in New York or CT around then, let me know and we'll hang out then.

Talk to you all later.

Love, Brian


Kimberly Wernli said...

You have such a freaking cool life. Enjoy Europe!

Anonymous said...

great article. I would love to follow you on twitter.