Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Road Trip for Selena

Florida is LONG!!

So my friend Selena dances (well, danced) at Disney World in the Animal Kingdom. This weekend was her last performance. She sent out a blog and invited anybody in the area to come see her dance and also go to her house afterward for a party. And I thought, 'Hey, I'm in Florida. I'm 'in the area.' I should go!' So I committed. It wasn't until I was planning out the hours that I realized just how far that was. It took me about 8 hours to drive it. Eight hours!! Going up wasn't that bad since I was excited to see her and her show. I really didn't want to leave though.

It's funny to think about that if I were in New York, and she was performing in DC, I never would have driven down because DC is SO far away from New York. But in actuality it's only about 4 hours. Half the trip! But because we were in the same state, my mind just assumed it was in "the same area." haha

Well I'm so glad I went. The show was absolutely incredible. Selena was amazing. She got us backstage to meet the cast:

They actually brought me out on stage for part of the show. I loved it!! The party was super fun too and their house was unbelievable.

I borrowed Adam's camera and I also used some footage from Selena's dad's camera to make a video:

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